Gloria Mansfield created Piggy Bank Tutor to teach her children and others financial literacy too! She is a mother, teacher, author, speaker, entrepreneur & educator.  PBT teaches children the value of money and encourages family time too. 

Are you assuming your kids will figure out the value of money on their own? 

Are you investing your time to teach your young child money matters? 

According to CBS News,

  • Half of American parents have cut back on their retirement savings to help pay their children's bills, a survey shows. 
  • Parents are putting their kids' car insurance, cell phone bills, credit card debt and health care costs ahead of their own needs to grow their retirement funds.
  • Kids miss out on learning to be independent. "When you write your first rent check or car loan check it feels so good to be able to face some problem and fix it for yourself," said one expert.

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 There is nothing better than knowing your young adult child understands the value of money after 18 years of raising the joy of your life. Money & Kids... Its Starts at Home! 

Raising Money $mart Kids - It's a Family Affair!