Kids & Money It's a Family Affair

Gather the family and enjoy this FUN-TAS-TIC financial literacy event!

Piggy Bank Tutor offers entertaining and engaging financial literacy events for the entire family. Join us for this virtual or in-person event that everyone will enjoy learning the value of money with The Three Little Pigs, Money Math Coach – LeLe, CeCe, and BeBe. Bring the kids and the family together for this FUN-TAS-TIC event! Kids & money it’s a family affair!

PBT Saving Money Workshop Includes:

* Interactive Fun with PBT Host & Money Math Coach – LeLe, CeCe & BeBe

* Story Time Featuring, The Three Little Pigs Saving Money…

* Discover the Value of Saving Money Activity

* Learn the Consequences of Not Saving Money Activity

* Cut & Paste Ways to Save Money Activity

* Make & Take Your Own PBT LeLe, CeCe & BeBe Piggy Bank

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LOTS OF Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching Bling, Bling, Bling FUN & LAUGHTER