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Love your kids? Help them to succeed with financial intelligence. Piggy Bank Tutor is here to help!

Children grow up so fast and teaching them the value of money often gets overlooked because we do not know how, when, or what to do. Unfortunately, in hindsight, parents regret not teaching their kids this important life lesson of money management. Good news, Piggy Bank Tutor provides parents & teachers effortless guidance teaching financial literacy.

Piggy Bank Tutor (PBT) is an educational and entertaining financial literacy experience for children ages 3-12 that provides interactive engagement centered around the habits and practices of earning, giving, saving, and investing money. Research shows children can begin learning about money as early as three years old, and PBT is here to encourage, inspire and navigate that process.

Our exclusive Money Math Coaches – LeLe, CeCe, & BeBe create engaging real-life financial lessons, experiences & consequences. 


Meet Money Math Coaches – The Three Little Pigs Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Financial Habits

LeLe always spends money and never thinks about tomorrow or plans for the future.   

Financial Habits

CeCe tries to save money but fails to follow the budget and is not consistent with money management. 

Financial Habits

BeBe is disciplined in money management and understands needs vs. wants. BeBe is financially secure.

FUN-TAS-TIC, Educational & Entertaining!

Piggy Bank Tutor specializes in financial literacy products, workshops, events, and programs for children, their families, and teachers.  PBT brings money management to life with everyday real-life experiences through Money Math Coaches – The Three Little Pigs, LeLe, CeCe, and BeBe.

PBT provides workshops, home parties, after-school programs, field trips, birthday parties, playdates, corporate events, summer camps, and FUN-TAS-TIC financial literacy products for children and their families. Kids and money it’s a family affair!

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“I’m saving money with LeLe, CeCe & BeBe!”

Piggy Bank Tutor Financial Literacy

Core Pillars

Earning Money

Giving Money

Saving Money

Investing Money

Raising Money Smart Kids is a Family Affair!

Research shows young children, even at age 3 can begin learning about money. Starting early in life can help kids learn healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime. One of the greatest life lessons a parent can pass on to their child is to teach them the true value of money. And there is nothing better than knowing your young adult child understands the value of money after 18 years of raising the joy of your life.

PBT Kids & Money Parent Community partners with parents and teachers to help teach kids the value of money, providing simple and practical tools and resources. Kids and money it’s a family affair! We welcome parents and teachers to join the PBT Kids & Money Parent Community, which features:

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  • Family Time Kids & Money Activities
  • Monthly Kids & Money Tools

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Read What Families are Saying

“OMG, the kids enjoyed the activities! I was looking for a way to teach them about saving money & this workshop nailed it!”

 Parent & 2 kids

“Soooo much fun! My child wants to attend another PBT Workshop.” 

– Parent & 5 yr. old child 

“AWESOME VIRTUAL WORKSHOP! They had a traditional piggy bank BUT now they prefer the PBT Piggy Bank.”

– Parent with 6 & 10 yr. old kids

“We had so much fun! The virtual workshop was very engaging & interactive learning about saving money. My child is still talking about LeLe, CeCe, & BeBe and loves the PBT Piggy Bank too!”

– Parent & 6 yr. old child